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Name : Royal Business College
Address : New Zealand
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Royal Business College was founded in 1996 in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was originally known as Royal English College, and taught English as a Foreign Language to International students of all nationalities. The College soon became recognised as a leader in the field of Academic English and IELTS exam preparation, and as its popularity grew it expanded, establishing a second campus in New Zealand's largest city, Auckland. Since 2003 the College has broadened the scope of its programmes by introducing the following courses
Business Courses
  1. Bachelor of Business Administration ( entrepreneurial  management  level 7) NZ$15,980 per academic year (6 papers)
  2. Diploma in Business  Management  level  7 
    NZ$15,980 (42 weeks)
  3. RBC  Diploma  in  Entrepreneurship Level 7  
    NZ$15,980 (42 weeks)
  4. National Diploma in Business Level 6
    NZ$15,980 (36 weeks)
  5. National Diploma in Business Level 5
    NZ$15,980 (42 weeks)

Computing Courses
  1. RBC Diploma in Information technology  level 7
        NZ$15,980 (42 weeks)
  2. RBC Diploma in Computing  level 6
        NZ$15,980 (40 weeks)
  3. National Diploma in Computing level  5
        NZ$15,980 (42 weeks)

Horticulture Courses
  1. RBC Diploma in Horticulture Level  5
        NZ$15,980 (36 weeks)

Tourism Courses
  1. National Diploma in Tourism Management Level 5
    NZ$15,980 (42 weeks)
  2. National Certificate in Adventure Tourism Level 4
  3. National Certificate in Tourism and Travel Level 3

Our mission is to exist for our students, teaching and guiding them towards a meaningful educated and balanced future life in an international environment. This student - centred focus and our target of excellence has been the key to our success, reflected in the academic achievements of our past and present students.
The College Charter has been approved by the Minister of Tertiary Education and copies are available to the public at Reception. We welcome feedback at anytime on its contents.
Royal Business College is accredited by NZQA ( New Zealand Qualifications Authority ) and is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the pastoral care of International Students.
The Christchurch, Auckland and Te Puke Campuses are located right in the central business areas of their respective cities. Three campuses are within easy walking distances of bus terminals, shops, public libraries, gymnasiums, restaurants, cinemas and theatres.
We offer a range of business, computing, horticulture, tourism and English courses to International and New Zealand students.


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